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  • How to raise your rates painlessly
  • Sample web development contracts
  • Example emails to use to reply to job listings
  • How to grow your business

Web freelancing is not about tech

I've been working on the web as a developer for 17 years, and have been freelancing for more than 5 years now, and before that I'd worked with a number of freelancers in various capacities.

Most of the freelancers I've worked with over the past decade were fine with technology - CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, SQL, whatever you like. Generally, they were better than me, and I learned from them.

But something happened several years ago. I began freelancing, and I realized that very little of the tech skills I learned mattered that much to clients. I mean, they *mattered* - I needed to get the jobs done - but whether a SQL query took 20ms or 50ms didn't matter a hill of beans to the clients.

It's about business skills

What mattered to the clients had to do with hitting deadlines, hitting budgets, making sure their customers were happy, and so on. All my CSS-fu and JavaScript ninja skills were in vain if we didn't get the project done on time and under budget.

And what happened when that project was done? The client was happy, but I was out of work! I needed another project to keep income coming in, but I'd been too busy working on the first project to even think about lining up more work.

Oh, and while I was now scouting around for new projects, I needed to remember to send gentle reminders to the first client to pay their bill, chasing up lost checks with finance departments, deadbeat clients and taking some people to court. It was exhilirating, but also frustrating and tiring after a while.

It's enough to scare away many otherwise talented people, but I'm convinced if you're armed with the right information up front, you can save yourself weeks of work and thousands of dollars in lost business.

The Web Developer
Freelancing Handbook

covers the full range of topics, including...

getting started

What sorts of legal, financial and personal housekeeping should you do before you start?


What type of services and products will you be offering?

finding clients

What are the best ways to find clients?

How can clients find *you*?

When should you say no to a project?


What should your pricing look like?


What sorts of tools and services are available to help you succeed?

Where should you work?


How do you estimate a project's timeline?

How do you handle things when the project is in trouble?


How should you get paid?

What do you do when you don't get paid?


Should you grow beyond yourself? How do you hire staff?

Sounds great, but who's the author?

My name is Michael Kimsal, and I've been a web developer for over 17 years (yes, really that long). I've been freelancing for more than 5 years, but honestly, you really shouldn't be getting this book just for my views and experience.

Several years ago, I began getting a lot of questions about freelancing: "how do you write contracts?", "how do you get paid?", "how do you find clients?", and so on - many of the topics listed above, and more. I answered the best I could, but quickly realized that my view was just one. I began asking around, and found others with complementary freelance experiences to fill in the gaps. And pretty soon, an idea formed. That idea grew in to indieconf, the largest conference dedicated to freelance web developers.

indieconf gives attendees direct access to expert freelancers who've done it all before, ready to educate and inspire. But... not everyone can get to the conference! What to do?

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